Chiho Ushio |  潮  千穂

Chiho Ushio is a Honolulu-based artist known for her series of multiple layered prints with woodcut and stone lithography, as well as her unconventional use of materials for sculptures. Her work is often characterized by its serene and sublime energy, drawing inspiration from experiential interactions with nature. Through her experience of freediving and learning hula in Hawai’i, she started to be aware of the holistic view of the universe—mutualistic relationships between humanity and nature, the invisible and visible, the microscopic and macroscopic, in that everything in the universe interacts with, affects, and thus resonates with each other.


Born and raised in Japan, Ushio studied Hawaiian Lifestyle in the Hula track at Hawai’i Community College in Hilo. She later earned BFA and MFA degrees in printmaking from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. Her artwork pondering ‘peace’ poetically interweaving diverse contexts, particularly the cultural, historical, mythological, and metaphysical viewpoints. Due to her multidisciplinary studies and varied life experiences, Ushio’s work conceptually bridges the Eastern, Western, and Pacific perspectives.